SDV Geis was founded in 2002 as a joint venture between the Franconia-based Geis Group and the French SDV Group. The move saw the amalgamation of Geis Cargo JM International, SDV Germany and Saga Germany. From the outset, SDV Geis was one of the leading service providers in the field of air and sea freight and project business in Germany.

SDV Geis
Today 9 locations in Germany with more than 340 employees
2011 Change of name - Geis SDV GmbH becomes SDV Geis GmbH.
2009 Opening of a new office in Hannover for the development of this area.
2008 In December 2008 SDV Geis acquired the AEO-status as one of the first German logistics services provider.
2007 Geis SDV is now also offering its clients contract logistic services in a new warehouse located in Hamburg-Altenwerder. This warehouse is 10,000 sqm big, has a capacity of 25,000 pallet spaces and is prepared to provide a wide range of services like warehousing, picking and packing as well as individual value added services.
2006 Move to the new company headquarters in CargoCity Sued in Frankfurt
Expansion of headquarters following restructuring of key functions
2004 Opening of Cologne operation
2002 Merger of SDV Germany and Saga Germany with Geis Cargo JM International to form Geis SDV GmbH

Today Today, a staff of 3,790 employees in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Poland provide logistics services for Geis clients. Geis is present in all major economic centres of the world, with 84 own logistics locations as well as an international network of partner and cooperative ventures.
2007 On January 1st 2007, Geis joins Logistics World Alliance (LWA), an international contract logistics cooperation.
2006 In January 2006 Geis Group takes over three forwarding agencies: Bischoff, TEN Expres Slovakia s.r.o., the Slovakian forwarding company, as well as Cantrans International Ltd, a Polish company, and its Austrian sister company, Cantrans Austria Speditions GmbH.
2005 In June 2005, Geis receives "Bayerns Best 50" (Bavaria's Best 50) award for the second time.
In December 2005, all of Geis Group's German locations are certified in accordance with Environment Norm ISO 14001:2004 for the first time.
2004 Geis continues its course of expansion in 2004: In October, the company officially opens a new forwarding and logistics terminal in Kürnach near Würzburg.
2003 From January 2003, Geis + Häring GmbH operates as Geis Eurocargo GmbH & Co. KG. The new name highlights the company's membership in the Geis Group.
In July 2003, the Bavarian Minister of the Economy presents the Geis Group with the "Bavaria's Best 50" award.
2002 The Geis Group's three Czech companies, Geistransport, ISL and Autopost-Expres merge with the aim of unifying their market presence and expanding their market position. This new company operates under the name - Geis CZ s.r.o.
2001 Geis Cargo JM International has 35 subsidiaries with 500 employees
90s Takeover of Asian offices of Jacky Maeder
Founding of Geis Cargo JM International GmbH
Start of operations in Czech Republic
Founding of Thueringer Speditionsgesellschaft (TSG)
80s Geis becomes IATA agency
First subsidiary in Asia (Singapore)
Founding partners of IDS and German Parcel (today GLS Germany)
1977 Modern logistics centre in Bad Neustadt/Saale (15,000 sqm)
1975 First sea container to Singapore
70s Start of transition to logistics service provider
Subsidiaries in Hamburg and Frankfurt
1964 First transshipment centre
1959 First subsidiary in Nuremberg
1948 Company founded in Bad Neustadt/Saale
2009 SVD now also has own stations in Pakistan. As of 1st June 2009 SDV Pakistan Private Limited stared its operations with two offices situated in Karachi and Lahore.
2008 Creation of a new Joint Venture in the UK: As of 1st of January, SDV UK Ltd and JE Bernard & Co Ltd operate under one common name - SDV Bernard Ltd.
SDV has formed a Joint Venture in DubaÏ with the companies Dnata Cargo and Kanoo. SDV UAE LLC possibly becomes one of the biggest logistics service providers in the United Arabic Emirates.
2006 Merger of Air Link India Limited and SDV (USA) as of January 1st, 2006. Air Link is specialized in logistics services in India.
2001 Operations expanded in the UK, USA and Australia
1999 Name change to SDV (Germany) GmbH
1987 Founding of SCAC (Germany) GmbH
Main focus on air and sea freight
1982 Majority shareholder of "MAYCO"
Range of services: Air and sea freight, road transport with offices in Hamburg, Bremen, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich
1885 Founding of company (as "SCAC")

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